Royal Automobile Club The design, procurement and installation expertise provided by The Fox Hut was excellent, and the stylish 4th floor bedrooms were returned to service in good time and within budget. Christian Horvath, General Manager, Pall Mall Clubhouse, Royal Automobile Club.

Reigate Heath Golf Club We want you to know how very pleased we are with the outstanding service The Fox Hut has given us on the development of our new Club House.Your guidance on the whole of the development, John, has been instrumental in achieving something extraordinary. Tomas Lowenborg, Chairman of House, Reigate Heath Golf Club.

Licensed Victuallers School The Fox Hut have brought a refreshing creative dimension to our Ascot & Hassocks schools' public spaces/boarding houses. The new school is proving a great success, helped in no small part by the quality and feel of the interior. Allan Seagrove, Director of Estates, Licensed Victuallers School.